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We're a feedyard that produces great, widely marketable calves and cattle.

Located in Greeley, Nebraska

What We Offer

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Hormone free approved yard

Backgrounding cattle from 500-600lbs to 900lbs

Backgrounding to finishing from 500-600lbs to finished weight

Backgrounding calves to go to grass

Calving first-calf heifers

Why choose us?

We provide marketable animals that have different options from a 650lbs grass calve market to a 900lb feeder, or all the way to a finished product. Our feedyard is unique because it is set up with all pipe continuous fence pens for unweaned calves. All pens have continuous feedline bunks and pens have good slope providing run off and clean pens.

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About Nordhues Cattle

Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve spent countless hours learning and working in the feedyard and ranching industry. From these experiences, I gained priceless knowledge and experiences, as well as, the opportunity to work alongside some great cowboys. It’s my lifestyle, and I take great pride in producing great cattle.

I started Nordhues Cattle when I noticed a need for younger generations to be in the feeding and ranching business. I look forward to serving you.

– Kenny Nordhues, Owner

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